Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Ultimate in Dominican Travel

From Left to Right: Mason, Amanda, Jackie, Cheyenne, Kali, Cassandra, Tara, Me, Krystal and Owen (shoutout to Lauren for taking the pic) :)

We fit eleven people in a small suv today to make the drive to La Vega, which is
fourty-five minutes away. Quite an accomplishment I think but it becomes rather
second nature when traveling around the Dominican. We had two people in the front
seats, five on the bench seat and four in the trunk. We made it to La Vega at about
9:30 and worked till about 4:30 in the afternoon doing indexing, which is where we
count every lot and every house to ensure we make accurate maps. It's the first step
of completing the territory and it is very  meticulous. It is just amazing to me how
much effort Jehovah's people put into following His direction. I'm confident that
we will see Jehovah's continued blessing as the work moves forward with
Jarabacoa English.

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