Saturday, November 5, 2011

A perfect day in Jarabacoa

A perfect day in Jarabacoa of course starts with service.
Today I was able to work with a new couple who came to our concregation after serving in
the Dominican Bethel. One of my favorite things about Jarabacoa is meeting the friends,
because the stories they tell, of both getting to DR and staying in DR are always extremely encouraging, often showing true faith and reliance on Jehovah. We did pretty good work, as well :) managing to find our way to the not at homes, which becomes pretty complicated the way DR neighbors are 'organized' I even managed to find an english speaker! After service I came home and cooked lunch. No driving thru McDonalds out here! Today was a special day as we had organized a group to visit the waterfalls you see below. I had been once before on my last trip and this spot is truly one of my favorites in town. The water is freezing but the hike gets you ready to jump right in! We all had a good laugh when I walked a couple feet into the water and attempted to dive in, not realizing how shallow it was, I kinda got stuck! A funny sight I would imagine, feet sticking up and everything, had to laugh at myself at that one! :) So after a bit of swimming and picture taking, we made it back to town. Afterwards, we decided it would be a great night for American food, french fries and hamburgers! A few friends came over and we cooked and ate, ending the night with chocolate cake and good conversation. What a great day in the Dominican!
So come and visit! Have I convinced you yet?

"So what do we need to do about the cow in the middle of the road?"

What a view!

One of my favorite spots in all of Jarabacoa!

From Left to Right: Jorge, Krystal, Kali, Alex, Tara, Andre, Torre, Me, Owen
(and yes Tori is standing next to Torre, we have two in the hall and it does get slightly confusing :D)

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