Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sisters from Florida

These are some spanish sisters we met at a popular eating place by the park. There is a lady who has a resturant right out of her house where you can get a delicious lunch for 100 pesos ($2.63) so needgreaters love eating there. Anyhow, me and Tara ran into these sisters from Santo Domingo who had come down to Jarabacoa for just a few days to visit family and they invited us to eat with them. So we sat down and all had lunch together, conversing entirely in spanish. It was quite an adventure but we found out all about their families and what they were doing in the Dominican Republic. Afterwards we took pictures and exchanged information and they told us since they live in Florida to look them up if we ever wanted to visit Disney World. Only in Jehovah's organization can you sit down with complete strangers and walk away with an invitation to stay at their house in an entirely different country!

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