Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Okay So remember how I told you about the experience at the jeweler store, with Nicole from New York? I had to update you on the return visit as soon as I could! So I went back and took the Bible Teach book as I promised. Right away we started discussing it and I asked her what chapter she found most interesting . . . she picked Living in a way that pleases God. So right away I was intrigued, not the chapter you would expect picked by a teenager. When I asked her why she picked that particular chapter it led right into her whole story. She was raised in New York, of course, and moved to DR with her parents about three years ago. So she is completely American, born to Dominican parents but raised in New York. We even talked about getting used to the country and things like hot water and power access, things only foreigners are concerned with! Anyhow, she told me that she has always been concerned with spiritual things, that out of both of her siblings, she was the one who realized its importance the most. She was Catholic in the States, had even finisihed Catechism, but because she doesn't speak Spanish so well she hadn't found a church here that she felt comfortable in. When I was showing her how the Bible Teach book works, she was excited to see the scriptures quoted, but when I asked her if she had a Bible she said no. Her spiritualy hunger was so great that she had bought one and made it all the way through Genesis but had given up because she just couldn't understand it in Spanish! When I promised to bring her one back she thanked me profusely! She was so excited at the prospect of having her own Bible in a language she could actually understand. She went on to thank me for coming and told me that I had no idea how happy she was and that she had been really feeling kind of lost, and that I had no idea how much she needed this! I couldn't believe my ears! She was so excited about the study. I invited her to the meetings but she said she will have to clear it with her mom first so I am really praying that she will be able to come! What makes me so excited about this whole thing is that I was so puzzled when I found her because we work our town so thoroughly with English speakers and most of the sisters know about this jewelery store because its where we take all of our guests to see Larimar, a stone unique to the Dominican Republic, so I couldn't understand how no one had talked to this girl. Well, it turns out that she lives in the campos, far out in the middle of nowhere and only travels to Jarabacoa to work one day a week. Now is that Jehovah's direction or Jehovah's direction? I know Satan will not make it easy for her because you can see how hungry she is spiritually but I can't wait to see how this goes. So please keep her in your prayers!

We have fun too!
Shoe shoppping in La Vega with laundry runs . . .all stuffed in the trunk.
Good times!

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