Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Alert to All English Speakers!

Jarabacoa is a very tourist town. Known for its beautiful mountains and awesome waterfalls, there are many people who travel to visit, from Europeans backpackers to Dominicans who come for the weekend from the Capitol. This means it is always important to be on the look out for English speakers when out and about around town. We find many many English speakers at the markets, restaurants, and local sites like the coffee plantation. This means being prepared to talk to anyone at a moment's notice and it takes some practice to be able to do so! At any rate, since we live in a predominately Spanish area looking for English speakers we have to modify the way we accomplish our ministry . . .either with strategic plans to find them or specific approaches to talk to visitors. The other day I happened to host three girls who were serving in Alta Mira, a small town about an hour and a half from Jarabacoa. One day while we were shopping we walked into a jewelry store and a little girl started pulling out the merchandise and asked in perfect English what we were looking for. I asked her where she learned English and she told me she had grown up in the States but her family was Dominican. During our browsing I asked her if she had ever been to the Kingdom Hall. She told me she had seen it but never been to visit. So I asked her if she knew that we had an English congregation and if she would like to study the Bible in English, to which she said yes. So we set up to bring her the Bible Teach book and demonstrate the study this weekend! I am so excited! Living in a touristy place has its advantages . . .a new place just opened up with awesome hamburgers, which is quite the rarity around here! :) Fully expect we will be starting friendly conversations with all other American food seeking English speakers! Watch out here we come!

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