Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Safeguard Your Heart District Convention

Wow. That is one of the best words to describe this year's District Conventions. No worries I'm not going to spoil anything for you but this year's District Convention is absolutely amazing. I know we say that every year but I think it is 100% true this year. What I especially loved was the fact that we are now able to prepare for the District Convention. Let me tell you as one of the foremost forgetful hearers, being able to look up the scriptures beforehand was a real help. Now, I'm not bragging, to be honest I didn't do it on Friday and had to be reminded by the speakers to do so. When I did, wow, what a difference! Looking up the scriptures helped me to anticipate what was coming and when I heard those key scriptures given in the discourse I recognized them to help me remember later. How wonderful to be able to prepare our heart for our Convention programs from now on! On a special note, we had six people baptised at our English Convention. Six people! Who says DR doesn't need English? One of our dear new sisters was from our very own Jarabacoa English Congregation. From start to finish, we found her in the territory and last week watched her get baptised. I have goosebumps just thinking about it. We are sooo proud of her. For this one experience our work here is completely justified, but even better, that's the second person baptised in our congregation in a year and a half! I can imagine the smile on my face must be magnified 100 times over on Jehovah's. What joy this brings him and how he helps us keep going through spiritual banquets like 2012 district convention. All I can say . . .praise Jah!



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  1. Hi Tori! We are excited for our convention too. After reading the joy and enthusiasm you expressed now we're even more excited! We are so glad your having fun and doing well especially in your service to Jehovah. We miss you so much and remember you will always be from Cypresswood

    Always and Forever~
    Alexus and Jawane Nicholson<3