Friday, May 11, 2012

Service by motos!

Last Tuesday, a few of us decided to do service by moto. I was excited, since even though I've been in the country for months now this was my first time. Usually, we don't have enough transporation for everyone so we walk! So this particular morning we decided to pair off and do return visits by moto. We had a terrific morning! One of the sisters had been told by some friends who serve in Puerto Plata English that one of their Bible studies had moved to Jarabacoa but she didn't have any information yet. All we knew is that we were looking for a Chinese family who moved to Jarabacoa to start a resturant. So we went into the first Chinese Pico Pollo we could think of. The man pointed us to a new store that had opened up. However since we thought it was a resturant we went a few more places before we came back and tried the clothing store. Those however yielded nothing. We came back to the clothing store  and guess what? We found them! So Shelley went back and started the study the same day! How exciting is that? I can't imagine how amazed they were to see we found them just on a couple of pieces of information! Moving away doesn't mean Jehovah forgets you. Is there anything else like Jehovah's Organzation?



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