Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why so much suffering? Part I

So about two weeks ago my friends wanted to play basketball after service so I met up with them at a school near far from my house. So we went into the school and I asked permission from the front desk. The lady actuallly walked us out to the basketball court and after she found out we were Jehovah's Witnesses, started asking a bunch of questions. Like what we were doing in the country, did we work, do we travel home, what about our families and a few others. So at one point she says it seems like most are born into your religion. So I told her that wasn't true of everyone. I said for me, I was, but I used the example of a sister who lost her four month old son in death and was a Catholic at the time. When she talked to the priest,  he told her that God took her son to be an angel. That made her so angry she walked out that church and never went back. How could a God of love take away her precious baby boy when He already had myriads and myriads of angels? Many many people in this country when something happens will say it was the will of God and as I was talking she was looking more and more intrigued. So she tells me that she has wondered the same thing. At the beginning of the conversation she had told me that she studied in the past but when she was pregnant things got to be too much and she gave up the study. Later she explained that she was in an abusive relationship and that when she got pregnant the same time she decided to leave him. Around that same time her mom got sick and died. So she tells me my mom was a good woman, she fed the hungry she always went to church, why did she die? So unfortunately at the time, I had neither my spanish Bible or my spanish literature but I assured her that the Bible did have satisfying answers to these questions, so I arranged to return and answer that question for her the next day. All in all we had talked for like thirty minutes and when I asked for her contact information she gave me her telephone number and her email address. It was so exciting!

Part II coming up . . .

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