Thursday, January 5, 2012

So great news! I am super excited to report that the branch has decided to have a Spanish class here in Jarabacoa for all of the needgreaters. This was really good news in several ways for me. First off, my cards are not officially in DR and I was told if your cards aren't here don't even bother applying! However, by the time they said that I had already turned in my app and I believe that advice was based on people who aren't here for the long haul. Anyhow, the class was originally supposed to be in Santiago which is about an hour away so that was going to create some concerns for transportation but because of the amount of people taking the class here in town they decided to move it to Jarabacoa. Double blessing! I am so so so excited! It's been really awesome between getting the good news about class and my service as well. This Wednesday marks the second study we've had with that man who I talked about last post and he open to more studies and says he likes it. We have sad news here in Jarabacoa, seven of the need greaters serving here are leaving. So we've had some dinners to celebrate and a farewell party next weekend. So as we lose ones we turn around and greet the new crowd coming in! Always exciting in Jarabacoa, DR! :D

Me, Cassandra, Amanda, Jackie and Kali

Aimee, Laura, Me, Cassandra, Amanda, Jackie, Chelsea, and Kali

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