Friday, December 16, 2011

Its been so busy!

Wow, I just looked at the date of my last post and its been almost a month. That is insane! Things have been soooo busy here. Between all the visitors, going out of town and finishing the week of the Circuit Overseer its been nonstop! What an encouraging visit we had! The highlight of the week for me was by far the pioneer meeting. Here's where I insert the disclaimer . . .if you haven't had yours. No, I won't ruin it for you but it was a great theme exploring the need and effect of having zeal, endurance and boldness in our ministry. Just enough to whet your appetite. The Dominican Republic has built a reputation for being very welcoming to need greaters and you can sense that in all information provided. Information is tailored specific to our circumstances serving here from dealing with working with people in a small congregation to financial issues to dealing with discouragement. It really helps us to stay encouraged and also to do the best in our ministry. The circuit overseer mentioned how there are usually two groups of people that are here. Some can be here for months and have no calls and no Bible studies. The other group hardly ever does door to door because they have so many! So Brother Brown asked what the difference was? Is it the territory? Of course not! We are all working the same but he mentioned how the second group really looks for opportunities to preach and find interest so that their boldness in the ministry really yields results. Of course than it goes back to us having the boldness and desire to really speak to the people and we were encouraged to show that and pray for whatever we are lacking. The information applies no matter where you are at. We all need boldness in our ministry! Most of us are not naturally comfortable going to up to strangers, myself included. Yesterday on the way to the supermarket we saw two obviously English speakers and I had to convince myself to go up them. Turns out they were from Norway but spoke perfect English! They didn't take anything but we did have a nice conversation and now they know Jehovah's Witnesses are in DR!!! So its my goal to keep up that boldness and joy in my ministry!

More Waterfall Pictures

Amanda, Me, and Jackie
Taylor, Amanda, Jackie, Dayna, and Cassandra
(check out the rainbow in the background)

Tara, Me, Cassandra, and Kali

Resort Pictures

Fresh cut starfruit
December Pioneer Meeting
(we were busting out the room! how exciting is that!)

Our main mode of transportation . . .ha . . .yeah right!

Coconut Break in Service!

Getting a 'bola' (free ride) from a brother in the back of his truck.
(It takes real skill to take a pic and hold on at the same time!)

Our Dear Friends!
Angie, Natasha, Jennifer, Me, Raquel and Kali

The girls taking in the sights of the beautiful Dominican Republic! :)

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